The Summany to Date

I’ve spent most of this blogsite trying to ingrain in the reader the big reasons – the root causes – of how our civilization is being driven into chaos and collapse.  I’ve focused om money, and how private banking interests have sold us the “snake oil” that we were better of letting them – the private bankers – create money than our elected governments.  The bankers eventually won the long crucial struggle, and money is now privately created and circulated (controlled), and the profits (interest) from all money transactions goes to private bankers.  Our national debt is interest owed by the people od the USA to its bankers.

What I’ve probably failed to adequately do is stress the relationship between money – a proxy for wealth – and resources – like oil, coal, water, metals, gems, plants – all the natural  bounties (wealth) of our planet.  All wealth comes from two sources: human labor (including ingenuity, creativity, industry, skill, etc.) or natural resources.  Some would include life, human, plant or animal labor (energy) in the category of natural resources.

Our remarkable industrial and technological civilization is mostly oil-based.  Money is mostly oil-based in today’s economies.  We are running out of oil.  The wells are running dry.

I’m far beyond trying to defend myself from the chant of “conspiracy theorist”, “doomsayer”, “chicken little” and/or other such childish rebuttals or dismissals about our current suicidal or catastrophic course, and why we remain on it.  All one really need do is dispassionately assess the evidence all around us.  It’s happening.

The focus now is shifting to the reasons for, and depth of, the problems the threaten to overwhelm us.  This is made far more difficult by our corporate news and information media refusing to accurately spotlight, interpret or discuss the major events of our times.  They are a large part of the “global company” or syndicate of corporations that now control the world, or own it outright.

War, terrorism, genocide, mass starvation, thirst, encampments of refugees or mobs fleeing intolerable health and sanitation conditions, all have their root causes  in a psychopathic economic system built on a house of cards that is based on cheap energy.  That “cheap energy” will eventually turn out to be the most expensive energy imaginable once the “hidden environmental costs” are factored in.  Environmental pollution is killing our planet!  This is a fact to those who study the matter.

Unless we stop the man-made environmental pollution N-O-W the planet we know of as home will soon be unable to support life as we know it.  It is becoming a more inhospitable place with each passing day.   We may already have passed the tipping point for saving the majority of human life on earth, and no one knows how long it will take the planet to cleanse itself of the damage already done.

The all-important relationships between money, wealth, resources, and energy have been deliberately obscured to all but the select few insiders who control them.  This syndicate includes the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, WTO and the national and international central bankers who create the money national governments borrow from them at usurious interest rates.  Since sovereign governments can create their own money, the entire system is fraudulent, even criminally insane!  It is very literally indistinguishable from a gigantic ponzi scheme.   But these issues are discussed at length throughout this blog.  The central understanding I want the reader to take away from this tract is this:

All wealth equals some combination of the earth’s resources and labor (energy) in ways that enhance the utility or value of the resources.  This is the process of production and distribution of goods or services.

Wealth=Resources + Labor.  Labor may be either human or some other source of energy that substitutes or enhances human labor.  (Thought is a form of human labor)    Capital is wealth that is stored or reserved to produce more wealth.  Capital is not synonymous with Money.  Money is something economies (people) create to use in exchange of wealth so that goods or services may be more readily traded.  Without money divisions of labor or complex economies would be impossible.  So money is a substitute, or proxy, for wealth.   Money is man made.  It is not created by nature.  It is created by the economies it serves or enhances by making trade far easier and more abundant.

It is impossible to understand the major events that are driving our world without grasping the above essentials.  However, the international financial, industrial, military, and most especially the energy cartels that guide the destiny of this world have a huge stake in keeping things as they are.  They resist change, and that means they resist accurately informing the people, because an informed people would clamor for change: life-saving and life sustaining change.  So the essential economics are not taught – anywhere (with but few exceptions), and the knowledge is suppressed, ridiculed, or condemned as somehow subversive or heretical.

But no matter how they try to distract or fool you, it is becoming self evident that our word is running out of cheap, easily obtainable oil and CO2 and methane gasses are rising far more rapidly and dangerously than we had previously thought, and global warming is taking place at an alarming pace.   Accept this as fact, and then imagine what this means for you, your family, your friends and neighbors, and your communities at all levels, town, city, county, state and so on.  Our entire civilization is built on the availability of cheap energy, mostly oil or coal (carbon-basedl) energy that replaced human or animal labor.   That source of energy is not sustainable!

Few people realize the extent that carbon fuels play in our civilization.  It literally runs on, and is dependent upon oil.  there are no cheap sustainable substitutes.  Coal is choking off the planets ability to sustain life.  We have already passed the levels of atmospheric carbon saturation the best scientific thinking allows for maintaining life as it developed on earth: 350 PPM.  Polar and glacial ice is rapidly melting.  Severe storms and floods are increasing.  Tropics and desert areas are expanding.  Oceans are dying, along with coral reefs and plankton.   Permafrost is turning into mushy tundra.  Large segments of the world’s population cannot obtain food or potable water.

Solar and wind energy cannot be developed in time to replace fossil fuels, especially while the energy and banking cartels wish to exploit the situation to milk every last drop of wealth from the planet, and its people.  Shame on those would despoil and defile our God-given planet so they can own one more yacht or Lear jet.  These vipers think nothing of killing millions in their wars to secure more oil and other valuable resources, and they are killing our planet in the process.  They imagine that their great wealth will insulate them from the destruction they sow, but they are wrong.  It will all catch up with them eventually.

Meanwhile, our grand global  oil-based  economies and the envisioned governments built upon them will collapse.  As they do, new community-based economies will take their place.  These new local economies will be largely, if not entirely, self-sufficient, and sustainable.  If they cannot produce all they need, or easily import things they can’t produce then they must be able to trade desirable surplus products or resources from nearby communities.

Speaking of resources, Henry George and others  favoring kinder, gentler forms of capitalism, have be making a sound case for centuries for public, or community ownership of resources but the greedy captains of capitalism and the bankster barons would not hear it.  Thus we stand on the brink of socio-economic collapse.  No, we are already in the early stages of that collapse.  But like the snowball or avalanche it will gain force and speed as it goes down.  It could be halted and reversed tomorrow with the proper systemic choices; everyone who wanted to work or go to school could do so with only small concessions from the ruling classes of oligarchs and plutocrats, but it will not happen, because they are pathologically, suicidally power mad.  Those wealthy predators and societal parasites who are at the top will not allow it.  They see the aearth as there’s for the taking.  So it is; so it always shall be.  Or so they think.   But people will wake up eventually, after enough pain – good ol’ boy “shock and awe”.  People will realize sooner or later the depth and degree of the lies, fraud and deception they’ve been subjected to from all corners of our society, left and right, legally and institutionally, and from the media and educational institutions.

Sooner or later the people will realize that democracy means that economic and political sovereignty belong to the people, to the citizens, and flows or is delegated upward from that basic level.  Once resources, production, and money are owned and controlled by the citizens of a truly representative government (at any level: city, county, state, regional, etc.) the a real shared prosperity of abundance can be had by all.

Resources are, of course, natural resources: water, air, land, oil, natural gas, metals, stones and gems.  These are all given to the people of this earth in abundance.  Who gave them all to the rich and powerful to squander or use to extort profits from the people, the commonwealth?  They took them of course.  The methods and means by which these resources were appropriated are another large subject beyond the scope of this article.  But the fact that it happened and the need to remedy the situation is crucial to the well-being of people on this planet – perhaps their very survival.  What follows is essential.

Resources and the way they are worked (processed using labor or it’s proxy energy) allow for the creation of all the material necessities, comforts, enhancements or luxuries of human life and civilizations.  Even money is linked in some way to resources or labor or tied to the debts incurred against these essentials of wealth.  Without natural resources and labor there can be no wealth!  Money is a substitute for wealth, so it is also a proxy for resources and labor (or energy to power machines to do work).  But money is not a natural resource!  It is a man-made, or social construct use to facilitate exchange of wealth (goods and services).  It is the cartels of central and investment bankers that have sold the public on the false idea that money is gold, or even silver, nickel, copper or any other natural resource.  They own the lion’s share of the world’s gold.  It is the easiest of the precious metals to control the market, thus the price.  They own almost all of the world’s gold coin and/or bullion.  Yes, governments may store and warehouse it for them, but it is the private central bankers who own it.

I’ll try to tie all this together and add some concluding thoughts in the next installment.  Stay tuned….