A Christmas Message from Jere

A Christmas Message from Jere:

By Jere L Hough

The primary message Jesus taught was “love”, in the heavenly or divine sense of the word.  He enjoined his followers to love one another even as He Himself had loved them.

Of course He also taught and demonstrated Peace, Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness, and many other eternal values and divine attributes, but it seems to me they all flowed from, and were the result of, His “New Commandment” about Love: to love each other as he loved us.

Indeed, we talk about the horrors and indignities of poverty and war, hunger and starvation, and man’s unceasing inhumanity to his fellow brothers and sisters, but how does that talk translate into action on any large scale?  The refusal to see others as “brothers and sisters” looms large in this message, because that is precisely who we are if indeed we are spirit-born Children of God who are doing our best to first find God’s will and then serve it with love.

Only a proper recognition of the brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of God will prevent the strong, rich and powerful from exploiting the poor and weak. And this escalating exploitation, in a word, is the prime cause of most of the human sorrows in our world today.

There are solutions for all these economic and social problems, but they are all based on loving one another as brothers and sisters, as Jesus commanded.  Let us especially remember on the day we honor Jesus’ birthday that “LOVE” was the “prime directive” in all Jesus’ teachings.

When a “critical mass” of “humans becoming” live by this “prime directive” then “peace on Earth” can become a reality, instead of a hope or a prayer.

God does love and bless you, each and every one.  “Go and do likewise”.

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