The Triumph of Secular Totalitarianism: The Death Of American Ideals of Representative Government

As child of the “Great Depression” and WW II, I’ve spent over 50 years researching the disease that was/is killing America, and I’ve always talked or written about the symptoms, signs and trends of our malaise, and ways I thought we could stop it.  Since the end of WW II I always thought we could reach down and find ways to heal ourselves, and the world, to find answers to poverty, hunger, disease, child and female abuse, the wage slavery of the machine age, and so on.  It didn’t happen; it just got worse for most and better for a few.  The disease is Economic or Financial Predation.  It is no less than a war against the middle and lower classes using financial and economic methods to siphon off their wealth.  Their goal is to enslave most of the populations through debt, even to the indebtedness of their children and future generations.  This has already been done, if the present financial paradigm is continued, and the rules are not changed, or considerably reformed.  Representative government now means a government that represents the corporations and Wall Street.  It is no longer a government that Lincoln called “of, for and by the people”, but one “of, by and for” the “Too Big to Fail” financial interests, the investment bankers, central bankers, and international monetary trusts like IMF, BIS and World Bank.

An incredible amount of wealth (your wealth) is devoted to selling the illusion of representative government to the people.  The PR campaign begins at birth and continues on until your “final arrangements”.  It comes in the form of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, mail, email, flyers, public and private educational systems from K-12, higher education is all controlled by the financial interests, no textbook is published without the sanctions of their accreditation institutions, no major publishing house will publish or sell a book not approved by them, or that gets too close to the truth.  The light of truth hurts their eyes, and they will not allow it.  Facts must be arranged so as to support their illusion, just like any stage magician, rather than the reality.   The “Secular Totalitarianism” is subtler than preceding versions of the military or religious type, but it is just as real, if not more so.

With the exception of a brief and shallow burgeoning of the economic middle class during the post-War 1950s and 60s, the gap between rich and poor has been growing exponentially, and the lot of the so-called “middle-class” of tradesmen, shop-keepers, and skilled laborers has grown far worse.  I do not undervalue the great technological and scientific gains of the past century.  The average person of western (American or European) culture and civilization enjoys far more health, sanitation and communications benefits than any previous generation.  But the losses are less visible, more intangible, and harder to measure.  What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?  And even the world that man hoped to gain is being destroyed and corrupted by his greed.  Environmental disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are only the beginnings of a worsening chain of catastrophic events in the making, unless we reverse the trend.  And I don’t see that happening in any real way.  I see untold billions being spent to make us believe real changes are being made, but it is all “shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic” as it sinks.

Most people today wear the invisible chains of debt-slavery to the moneylenders.  Few have anything at all like a positive asset to debt ratio, and are only a few paychecks away from losing the house, car, farm or business that is heavily mortgaged.   Widows and the aged are being foreclosed and forced out into the streets for as little as unpaid water bills, even those in dispute.  The massive confiscation of middle and lower class wealth is nothing short of criminal.  Indeed it is the epitome of “organized crime” similar to what was once called the “Mafia”.  Only now its all legal.  It is they who have “legalized” it, through their control of the “representative process”.  That means they control who get elected.  They even offer you a choice A or choice B.  You get to pick the flavor or style of your controllers, who actually represent the money-men or the “artificial people” called “corporations” who now can use their wealth openly to support their hand-picked and groomed candidates.

Until about 1999 or 2000 I thought the electoral process and the education of the people might turn things around for the better.  I tried to warn people every way I could that a new financial oligarchy was being planned, and the plans were being realized faster than I had thought possible.  I repeatedly warned of the “coming” of materialistic (secular) totalitarianism.  A synonym might be Fascism, which really means the all-powerful industrially controlled secular state.  Oh yes, religions would be allowed, even sponsored, if they aligned their creeds and slogans with those of the state.  Eisenhower warned of the “Military-Industrial Complex” in his exit speech to the nation in 1961.  Few bothered to listen.

From 2000 or so up through the past year I viewed the situation as a patient of life-support, comatose but with hopes of a miraculous revival.  I saw the economic collapse coming, and warned of it.  It was apparent to discerning souls when the Savings and Loans collapsed in 1989 that the system of money and credit was rotten to the core.  But until lately I had thought it possible to repair the damage.

Now I think it is dead.  American representative government has died.  That great and noble goal envisioned by Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Adams and their extraordinary co-conspirators that founded the USA and wrote the Constitution and Declaration of Independence have seemingly labored and died in vain.  Let us mourn for America.

Let us mourn for the world, for she has lost the light of true liberty.

Are you saddened?  Are you angered?   Are you outraged?  You should be all these and more.  I am.  For those who are incredulous, or the scoffers, I can only ask you to examine the volumes of evidence I, and others, have gathered to make this, or similar supporting arguments.  This next statement of fact is crucial to the proper understanding of the historical events we lump under the title of “The American Revolution” or “The War for Independence”.

The American Revolution was about establishing “Economic” as well as “Political” Independence from England. We achieved a measure of both for a short while, in certain places, but these achievements were quickly erased, and the “illusion” of political and economic freedom took the place of the real thing.  It’s a shame more people have only a surface knowledge of history, if that.  Worse yet is the ignorance of the history of one’s own land, and people, and it’s social, political and economic growth, or evolution.  This makes it so easy for those that would be our masters in the various areas through gaining control over our sources of information and education.  That is exactly what has occurred over the past 200 years or so, and most noticeably in my own lifetime.

Yes, I have been an eye-witness to the results of banking buyouts, mergers and consolidation.  I’ve seen the degradation of the local independent news outlets who were eventually closed or bought out by the news conglomerates.  I’ve seen the local radio stations get gobbled up by the Murdoch “Clear Channel” and Fox networks.  News managers now decide what stories they will highlight or even cover or report.

I look around me and I see no political or economic “independence” anywhere, except among criminals who avoid gangs.   But like a frog who will remain in water brought slowly to a boil, most of us don’t notice the changes, and won’t, until it’s too late.

What people fail to realize is that the early European Central Bankers soon replaced monarchs as the new aristocracy. These bankers became the real power, using the money of both France and England to finance both sides of those wars (and over a hundred years of smaller wars between monarchs). However they made a financial “killing” in the London stock market with their advance news of England’s victory and their manipulation of the Franc and Pound.  With the victory of Wellington over Napoleon, England became the dominant power in the “Old World” and the Bank of England under the Rothschilds dominated the British crown and parliament.   The Bank of England became the wealthiest and most powerful institution in the world, and thus the maker and breaker of kings and queens.  Their power in the “New World” had not yet been fully established but they had American agents working to establish their banking system as the official one in the “Colonies” and the later “USA” too.  England has always had a strong influence over American politics.  They were the Royalists, Loyalists, Tories, and many of the upper classes who profited by maintaining loyalty to England made up these parties.  It was these divided loyalties and philosophies that made forming the new government so difficult.  Once the formation of political parties took place with the divide between Jefferson and Hamilton, the international central bankers had laid the foundation for establishing their monopoly over the young nation’s money, and thus gaining control over it’s political machinery.  The issue of who controls (issues and regulates) the money supply will always trump other channels of power, including blood-line nobilities or traditional organized religious power.  It most certainly controls or strongly influences the electoral process.

The essence of the corrective process is the recognition that sovereignty, taxation and money control go hand in hand.  They are joined at the hip, and always have been.  Here it must be remembered that “sovereignty” is a word that few people understand.  This has been made so intentionally, by the money establishment.   Sovereignty means the unhindered ability to make choices, or decisions.  The word has traditionally been reserved for rulers: kings, emperors, conquerors, and such.  Sovereign power has usually been thought of as from the top downward, through a chain of command or authority.  But in a representative democracy or republic, it is the individual citizen that is considered “sovereign” and all governments flow from the consent of the people, upward.

The struggle for humanity has always been to achieve adequate and proper “representation” in any given government.  When that happens a degree of civil tranquility and happiness follows, as does commerce and industry.  When it doesn’t, and tyranny ensues, there is civil unrest and chaos.  But fair representation cannot happen without a measure of economic freedom, and that includes freedom from want of the basics of life.  There can be no political freedom when the way one votes determines whether one’s family eats or not, or has a place to live or work.  That is merely the “illusion of freedom”.  Political and economic freedoms go hand in hand in the same way as do “sovereignty, money creation and taxation”. These are inseparable in any fair and just representative system.

Our Founding Fathers knew this when they appointed to congress the power to “coin (create) money and regulate the value thereof”.  However, the banking industry has waged a 200 years war in order to claim this power to itself.  There was the 1st and 2nd Banks of the US that were ultimately defeated by President Andrew Jackson.  He wanted his gravestone to read “I killed the banks”.  These were private banks that were chartered by the USA as “National Banks”.  They were not truly national, as the name deceptively implies.  The Central Bankers won this war over money creation in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the privately owned Federal System and its strange hybrid of what has come to be known as the “Fed”, a board of governors that are part Federal (actually government appointees) and part private.  The private segment must be approved by the president, but only from a list of nominees made up by the bankers.

The point of the above simplified explanation is that the private Federal Reserve System actually controls the money and monetary policy of the USA.  Moreover they have done this while pretending to be a part of the federal government.  Furthermore the bankers have waged a 200 year propaganda campaign against government and government controlled money, the most massive disinformation campaign in all the world’s long history.  That is why they can argue for “less government” or “less regulation” (of their activities) so that they can remain unchallenged in their authority over money, trade and commerce.

Of course there is more, and tons of supporting evidence for all the statements above.  Most of the sources are listed on my website, .

However the most important part of this summary is in the title.  We no longer have any meaningful or true “representative government”.  What we have is a financial oligarchy supported by military and industrial power.  We have a financial empire for the benefit of the few and privileged, and financial pyramid schemes to soak every last dollar from the little guy, and keep everyone in line.  We have a kind of financial “Totalitarianism” never before seen in human history.  That is the tragedy.  The hope is that somehow the people can awaken to their true plight, or the congress awakens to its duty to reverse the Federal Reserve Act, and reclaim for the people the power to create and regulate money.   That hope is growing so remote that it now seems impossible to me.  That line may have been crossed 40 or 50 years ago.  What we once had may indeed be dead, but we can and sometime will build something better in its place, something that will include economic freedoms in its list of rights and responsibilities.  I know this in my heart of hearts.

Before listing a few sources and resources, we live in a time when I must make the following disclaimer.  I am staunchly in favor of a true “free enterprise system”, although the meaning of such terms must be re-thought and redefined.  Although the name of Capitalism has been covered with the foul stench of corruption and abuse, I am still a “Capitalist”.  Communism is a decided step backward, toward more primitive times.  Socialism is a mixed bag, depending on whose meaning is attached to it.  Many areas of enterprise could be profitably socialized, including community services and natural monopolies.  Should all the earth’s water be privately owned and controlled for the profit of a few?  I don’t think so.  What about other natural resources?  Should gas, oil, wind, the oceans be privatized?  Think about it.  The late great Henry George wrote on these subjects, and still ranks as the best selling economics writer of all time.

The “privatization” of resources like oil, water, and minerals may have been inevitable at some point in our evolutionary path, but it is no longer so.  A new paradigm must be envisioned and embraced by those survivors of the old one, and that paradigm must include a redefining of what is, and should properly be, private property and what should be public, or common, property.  Natural resources should be controlled and owned by the populations that inhabit the areas that these resources are “natural” to.  Even air and potable (drinkable) water are natural resources that private corporations or individuals will attempt to monopolize, or “cartelize”.  This may even be the “trigger event that will move the people to action, if something does not trigger it before then.  Lord knows we need some kind of “trigger” or wake-up event, but if oil spill disasters, massive pollution kills on land and sea, endless foreign wars, and economic collapse (only the first waves have hit us yet) haven’t brought the human race to its senses I’m not sure what horrendous events it will take.

The good news is that a better human race, a higher civilization, will eventually emerge from the crash of the current unsustainable paradigm.  It will be far more harmonious with the Earth and its environment, with its remaining people.  It will be more sustainable, peaceful, self-sufficient, localized, regionalized in economic activity and more federalized in its national and international political relationships.

It will be a better world for the generations that come to inhabit it, although its people will be fewer.  It’s just too bad the wake-up cost had to be so terrible, and chosen as a matter of survival, rather than of peaceful choice.

The “Triumph of Secular Totalitarianism” will be short-lived, although not short enough for those who will be caught unprepared or unprotected.  It is universal law that iniquity contains the seeds of its own destruction.   Man may “play” at being God, but only for a season.  After that season the folly becomes self-evident.


10 Responses

  1. I love the clarity of your writings, and will try to read them all, and refer to them as I develop my site – please check it out – Peter

  2. Great post as usual Jere. Glad to see that we both would favor a fiat type system based on the GNP or similar accounting media. I would also involve the States more with perhaps some sort of nullification in determining not only the basket of goods basis for a new national currency to keep all parts of the country fairly represented as to pricing, but also to avoid the Lord Acton syndrome that the Federal government so often falls into when given a chance; after all, money creation and OWNERSHIP is the second most important thing that a govenment should do IMO, after “providing for the common defense”.

  3. One more detail of a GNP based fiat monetary system… it won’t happen as long as TFTB are in power, as that would mean that labor would have some say in determining the money supply with the threat of strikes, etc. They will never allow “we the little people” any real power at all especially in this area.

  4. One logical alternative to Secular Totalitarianism (bad) is Trans-Secular Totalitarianism (not so bad). The other logical alternative is Trans-Secular Anarchy (good). At this stage of human evolution the latter will, however, not work but the former can be advantageously utilized to scientifically define and create a smooth transition to the latter.

  5. Thanks for your reply. I wish I could understand your meanings and terminology. What is “Trans-secular totalitarianism” and why is it not so bad? I have never seen nor envisioned any form of totalitarianism that would not be bad, or turn bad at some point (absolute power corrupts absolutely on the human level).

    And what is trans-secular anarchy? Why would it be good? I see all forms of anarchy as bad at this point in human evolution. Anarchy (even if theoretically possible, which it is not) quickly becomes autocracy.(totalitarianism) under most current circumstances. Some form of governance will always be required until humans evolve a selfless sense of responsibility to the group, state, nation or world. That will be some time from now.

    Representative self-government is still the best ideal I can envision, but it is PEOPLE that need representation, not the wealthiest elites, militaries and corporations.

    • I view sociocultural reality through a seven-dimensional prism, i.e., through some permutation and/or combination of the four secular dimensions (culture, politics, sociology, economics) coupled to some permutation and/or combination of the three trans-secular dimensions (morality, ethics, ideology). As a first approximation I think of “trans-secular” as “religious” without the garbage.

      Democratic republicanism under a Constitution may be the best system of governance so far devised but it fails miserably with respect to the Money problem. Alexander Hamilton was one of the few Framers of the Constitution who understood the Money issue but cleverly obscured the subject by stripping the new Federal government and the States of the power to issue “bills of credit” which under the Articles of Confederation the States individually possessed.

      As a result of Hamilton’s duplicity the U.S. of A. has endured over two centuries of constant bickering and much worse over the question of who shall create the nation’s Money and for whose benefit.

      Interpreting the “power to coin Money” as the “power to create Money” would correct the Constitutional deficiency but would a corrupt Supreme Court agree?

      • It should have been so interpreted long ago, but due to a dumbed down electorate and a similar or corrupt legislature at all levels of Federal and States, it has not. The real point however, is the one you are missing, namely, the OWNERSHIP of the money created, which at present with the Federal Reserve system is in private hands, often at very low interest rates, which is one way to confuse people into thinking that this is OK, but the fact remains that the PRINCIPAL will always be due for payment in full as well. The actual modus operandi which works for these europeans is that the interest is never ending, a constant, and now greatly growing revenue stream, which is, due to the fed act of 1913 “legal”, but able to be removed by congress if it so willed…not to date of course, unconstitutional, as you state, art. 1, sect. 8, and totally immoral, started by John Law, Scotland in the 1600’s I think, but dealt mainly with land and notes. The ownership of money is the root of all the problems in the western hemisphere, as Jere will also attest I’m sure. If the government were to issue money as per the Constitution, there would be NO national debt, as it would just enter circulation (as in china?) and as long as we were smart enough not to sell our debt, that would be the end of it; no debt, no interst on it, etc. BUT, it is usually said that the government would spend out of control as they most often do;…my cure for that is a GNP based dollar where the states would have powers of nullification (10th BOR) to make sure that the basket of goods was fair to all parts of the country and keep them from runaway deficits, etc., esp. since the states cannot do this. Note also at this point that you should be familiar with the bank of north dakota, which has always been solvent, often running several billion dollars a year in the black due to their mission statement as a publicly owned bank, “for the benefit of the people and the state of north dakota”, not wallstreet. The profits are plowed back into the state for properly vetted loans or used to lower state taxes !! AND wallstreet can’t touch them ! It was formed in 1919 as a direct consequence of the fed act of 1913 by the ranchers and miners of the state to keep wallstreet out of their business ! Many states are considering this move, but it would be an individualized affair for each state’s situation. Even with a totally corrupt government, including scotus, potus, etc. (except for Ron Paul, but good lord, who9 else is there?), this bank is in good shape today ! You may also reflect on the fact that Ben Franklin knew well of fiat money…unbacked at that time as now (not as my GNP type !), and he did yoman service to the country by using it to establish the relationship with France which saved our nation by printing it “from nothing” to good ends (not as today) ; too bad he didn’t let his friend Tom Jefferson in on the secret, as he died in total debt of over $100k !

      • Excellent comments, Ngach. I appreciate the clarification of “trans-secular”. I also take my “religion” or faith in deity, without the “garbage”, or what I call superstition, shamanism or priestly hocus pocus.

        I agree with your analysis, but would add that the money issue was never properly addressed by the constitution. Powerful loyalists aligned with Hamilton to make sure the question of money sovereignty would be sufficiently neglected to allow the central bankers to eventually succeed gaining control over it, as had been done in Europe and Great Britain. As to the current Supreme Court, I’m not sure how they’d vote. The power to create money has always been a “SOVEREIGN” right. Different forms of govt view sovereignty differently. In a representative democracy or republic sovereignty resides in the citizen, and is delegated upward. Citizens can create forms of money via their rights to enter into contracts. After all, isn’t an exchange of money for goods and services a fulfillment of an agreement to purchase them?

        I think we should have a separate court system for economic issues anyway. Labor and capital should both have a voice, or a vote.

        But even with the present court it could happen if presented in the proper way, as a choice about who is sovereign over the nation’s money – the people via their govt or the unelected bankers.

        Another method would just be to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and absorb the Fed into the Treasury, the way most people think it now is. Thanks for your comments

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