In a Nutshell

It all comes back to the central issue of “who has the power over money creation?”!! Either it is The People, by and through their sovereignty via their legitimate governments, or it will be as it is now. The current system is money creation by the illegitimately chartered Private System of the Federal Reserve. and the smaller banks via the fractional reserve system.

Private money creation is the usurpation of the rightful sovereignty of the people. The sooner the people learn that, the sooner we can return to prosperity.

All the solutions are really very simple, once one breaks through the corrupt current paradigm. That includes the instantaneous repayment of the fraudulent National Debt.

The answer is to shift the ownership of the Federal Reserve System to the People, and make money-creation truly *sovereign*, and in control of the People – as it should have been all along.

The People must awaken and see the nearly invisible chains of debt-slavery that now bind them.

Reclaim the sovereignty of money creation and regulation given us by our Constitution.

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