The Battle Lines Draw Near and Clear

The Battle Lines Draw Near and Clear

A revised and expanded edition of an earlier post on June 8, 2010.

My days left here on Earth are growing shorter, but there is a message of grave importance to this entire planet I want to leave for those who will listen to it, whether in this generation or those to follow.  It may help some who are now going through it to understand, and make the best of their situations, even to envision new paradigms and methods of survival and evolution, or it could help survivors in future generations to understand what happened, and why.  It is a message that contains both good and bad news to all who are hearing it for the first time.  Remember this is a simplified summary.  Detailed support of the facts cited is contained in thousands of references from which these conclusions are drawn.

First the bad news:

We Live in a Terminally Ill and Dysfunctional World Civilization

It now appears that people are not going to awaken to the multitudes of approaching unprecedented catastrophes, and the reasons for them, in time to avert them.  That opportunity passed into history about 50 years ago.  Lessening the impact for masses of humanity has been the only option for several decades now, but that cannot happen until the causes of our possibly fatal disease are discerned, fully diagnosed, and proper corrective treatments implemented at the source of the illness.  Until that happens, all attempts to remedy the growing economic, political, and social calamities will only make matters worse, and strengthen the dark forces that wish to destroy most of humanity, and enslave the rest.

These “dark powers” gain popular acceptance by operating under the guise, and banner of “freedom” and “liberty” without equal measures of restraint, responsibility, or accountability to society for the harm they do in the process of this exploitation of the more responsible concepts of “freedom”.

The reader might well ask if s/he could be reading this correctly.  How could anything be wrong with such noble standards as “freedom” or “liberty”?  And this difficulty of conceptual understanding the difference between helpful and harmful “liberty” and “freedom” really is at the core of our world’s problems.  If it could only be more widely known that the pre-historic rebellion against the order of God’s Universe of Universes arose under the banner of freedom, liberty, and ultra-individualism! The ancient “War in Heaven” was all about high Celestial beings or administrative “Angels” declaring that their authority was above and independent of their Creators.  Lucifer, Satan, and other high spiritual authorities declared their independence from God, and went into rebellion, sin and iniquity.  This spiritual War in Heaven was real.  Although bodies and forms were not in jeopardy, the souls and eternal survival of all participating entities, spiritual or material were at stake.   Again, the issue of liberty and freedom is complex, and involves maturity, responsibility, altruism, compassion, and good will toward others in order to make it healthy.  Too much liberty for one can mean enslavement for another.  There must be a balance.  Putting guns in the hands of children isn’t really a good idea, much less nuclear weapons.  Think about it.

Contrary to most contemporary teaching today, it is these dark forces who are collectively “the Anti-Christ” in biblical prophetic writings.  It is a group appellation, not one being.  The primary being who is orchestrating these dark activities on this planet is not immortal, is subject to eventual personality extinction, but is very long-lived, and is intelligent beyond human imagination.   He has been allowed to remain here, although greatly reduced in power, until all beings, spiritual and human, have made ultimate choices for either good or evil.  This is why complex large-scale schemes can be implemented that take many generations to come into fruition, such as our current world money and central banking scheme.  This scheme has been used to transfer much of the wealth of the planet into the hands of the few who make up this “Anti-Christ” or anti-Creative force.  Wealth equates to power and control over others, and it is the “control” that is the ultimate goal of massive private or corporate fortunes.

Hard to believe?

Yes, currently.  Yet most of those reading this 50 years from now will have little trouble seeing the truths in this message.  The evidence will lie strewn all around them.  It already is, had we but eyes with which to see.  We are living in an age of universal deception.  We are being programmed from birth to accept the most monstrous of lies, no matter how illogical or immoral, if they come from the “proper authorities”, or if they provide us with money, wealth, power or some advantage over others.  (For example, it’s OK to horribly torture someone as long as authorities claim its in the interests of “national security”.  Or, it’s OK to invade another nation, kill their citizens,  and occupy their lands as long as the claim is made that they are some “threat” to us.)

But all these lies are self-destructive, even of those things they are intended to achieve or preserve.  They are leading us down a path that will eventually destroy the earth’s inhabitants, and even the capacity to sustain life, or at least the higher forms of it, including ourselves.  Is this rational?  Is it sane?  Hardly, but the dark forces and their mortal agents to which we are giving permission to control us are not sane.  They, both the mortal and celestial controllers, are psychopaths and sociopaths who have lost the power to make rational decisions that are connected to the welfare and interests of larger groups of humanity.  In case the reader is unclear as to the accurate definitions of the terms “psychopath” and “sociopath, I suggest looking them up in a reliable dictionary.  A key ingredient of both is a lack of feeling, sympathy, or concern for those they exploit (harm), deceive or manipulate to their nefarious ends.

Think, for a moment.  Wasn’t the derivatives and credit default swaps that resulted in the great banking collapse, and bailout, of 2008 based on packages of bad (sub-prime) mortgages bundled together and sold as AAA, or “prime” investments, a scam?  It was a deception on a grand scale from the start, geometrically bigger than anything Bernie Madoff imagined.  It’s hard to imagine criminal enterprises that dwarf the “Mafia” or organized crime syndicates, yet the proof of their existence is indisputable to all that simply look at the evidence.

Are the Savings and Loan crashes of 1989, Enron, AIG, Banking “bailouts”, the collapse of GM and Chrysler, Lehman Brothers, Bear-Stearns, Iceland, Greece, and so much more “just coincidences”?  Not to trained eyes.

These are failures at the deepest systemic levels, where money creation is involved.

I have written much over the years on political and economic freedom and reforms, and how mankind can achieve those ideals of our Founders, and transform them from dreams into actual realities.  However, my writings are not widely read, or credited, by either the people in general or the “authorities” and traditional academics.  Others have written much better works, and been more widely read, but often the best of these cannot even get their works published today, and if published earlier, they have been “blacklisted”, unfairly criticized, and otherwise labeled, suppressed, and demeaned by the current “powers that be” or “controlling authorities”, i.e., the MONEY POWERS.  Pres. Martin van Buren always capitalized the term.

Broadly speaking it is this “Money Power” that is now in control of nearly all national governments, and our world at large.

Those who create, control and regulate the money of nations (or any sized economy) control (rule) those nations.  They control elections, key appointments, the press, TV, radio, and entertainment media.  They meet in many various groups, cartels, councils and boards (such as the Bilderbergers, Fed, IMF, World Bank, WTO, NATO, etc.) in order to coordinate their policies and efforts toward a world monetary system, and world government, controlled by the chief power brokers (Money-Masters) among them.  In other words, these money-masters are master-minding a new world order based on their private control of money, banking, trade, commerce, media and all governments except those they consider enemies to their plans and purposes.  Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and Argentina have been among those who have recently been on their “hit-list” of such “enemy” nations.  Remember this new world order will be based upon “their” private (or corporate) wealth and “their” private money.  Governments who try to “nationalize”, or regain “sovereignty” over their control of money and natural resources will be marginalized, labeled, and turned into international “bad guys”, criminal or outlaw nations and leaders.  All are marching to the drums of the IMF, BIS, WB, WTO, and central banks, and the drumbeat is economic and political globalization of a monopolistic and tyrannical nature.

Those who control money control the earth, and everything in it.

Let that sink in a moment before considering this next truth:

The “Money Powers” have stolen US Democratic Government from “we the people” and replaced it by “we the corporations”.

This has not been a quick or easy thing to achieve.  It has required more than 2 centuries so far.  Rulings by the Supreme Court, and clerical mistakes interpreted as rulings, have elevated the status of corporations to that of “legal persons”, or more appropriately “super-persons”.  A clerk erroneously footnoted a SCOTUS decision claiming that the court had already settled the issue of corporate personhood, when it actually had never been addressed.  This “footnote” came to be accepted as established corporate law.  (See )

The private (or corporate) “money cartel” has almost completely usurped the ideals and purposes for which the US of A was founded, and it has trashed most of the US Constitution in the process.  The USA was founded with the purpose to free us from the top-down, monopolistic control over colonial government and money then imposed upon us by the British.  That is what the War of Independence, or Revolutionary War was about.  “Taxation without representation” was just a simplistic “sound-bite” that became a slogan, but it was really about the tyranny of money, English money, created and controlled by the Bank of England since 1694!  By 1776, the time of the Revolution, the Bank of England had replaced the Sovereign State (in this instance the monarch, or king) as the authority over the creation and control of MONEY.  They had been granted a corporate monopoly in banking by the kings in order to better extend, manage and control the growing British Empire, and the flow of revenue and resources that empire created.  The monarchs and money monopolies effective merged in order to rule the world at that time, with some nominal input from the nobility that composed parliaments, House of Lords, Commoners, etc.  Few people recognize this merger of state and corporate power by the modern name Mussolini gave it: Fascism.  But that is an appropriate definition of this top-down control by monarchs and money monopolies.  (Notice the word similarities between these words.  They all contain the root, “mon”, meaning “one” of some kind of thing, rule or power.)  In summary, Musolini coined the modern word, Fascism to represent the combination or merger of state (military) and private financial (industrial & monetary) powers.

Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people in his 1961 exit speech of the rising threat of “Military-Industrial” interests, and the limited ability for governments to control that threat.  Sadly John F Kennedy, who followed Eisenhower as president was to experience that inability directly.  Decades before, FDR had also warned that fascist combinations of power were growing too large for government to control.

According to the checks and balances intended in the US Constitution, congress was to be in control of creating and controlling money and regulating its value. But private bankers with ties to the Bank of England have attempted to regain that control since the birth of our nation, and have finally succeeded.  The first major rift in US politics was that between Jefferson and Hamilton, and that philosophical division resulted in the creation of the two major political parties that became the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  Simply stated, the rift was over the issue of aristocratic (or top-down, Hamiltonian) control of government and banking or democratic (bottom-up, Jeffersonian) control.  In other words the question was, would the new representative government “coin” (create) money, or would private (corporate) banking monopolies control it via government license, or corporate charters.  This single issue has been the overriding one in the history of our newly formed nation, the US of A.  Three private US chartered banks have been established, and many of the early presidents fought for their abolition, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Van Buren, and Lincoln among them.  The first two central banks were eventually defeated, the third was thrust upon the American people in 1913 by fraud and deception, and still exists today as the “Federal Reserve System” which is neither “Federal” (or governmental) or has any real “reserves” of anything other than promises based on faith and trust, ironically, of their primary client and customer, the US of A and it’s people.

The formation of a money system (as well as a representative government) separate and apart from the Bank of England and other European central bank models was a learning process, and the proper role for, and creation of, money was new ground for those not long part of the money aristocracy.  Many ancient and some more modern philosophical models were unknown to the founders.  Many new and, IMO, far superior money models have been advanced in the past 200 years that would return the benefit (profit, or interest) to the people, instead of greed-driven private banking interests.  I have cited these in my websites, primarily and among the thousands of comments to be found on Ellen H Brown’s website, that I help moderate for her.  Health problems have caused me to be rather inactive of late, both on Web of Debt and my own site, where this will probably be first posted.  The point is that those who really run the world, the money powers, have used our government as “cover” for their various nefarious actions.  Blame and accountability for economic and environmental disasters caused by them are diverted to government and bureaucracy, or any other convenient scapegoat or perceived enemy.  These money powers are a malignant “Wizard of Oz”, hiding behind the dark curtain, manipulation the sights and sounds around us.

What are the results of this “manipulation” from behind the scenes?  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the lever for all that followed.  Boom and bust economics, the Great Depression of 1929-1940 sandwiched between two world wars (both sides of which were financed and armed by the central banks) and a 40 year “cold war” that transferred massive wealth from the people to the banks and governments on both sides in the making of war machinery and weapons systems.  But the most notable thing is that there is a never-ending series of foreign wars. And the justifications for them. They are needed to keep using up the accumulated stores of weapons and ammunition, and to justify upgraded replacement expenditures, and to keep a “professional standing armed forces” at battle-ready levels.  The results are unsustainable and unpayable levels of National Debt and budget deficits, 60% or more of the income of average citizens going to pay ever-increasing national, state, local and value-added or import taxes.  The result in ever-increasing personal and public debt, and the accompanying interest burden it carries.  In other words, we are borrowing ourselves into national, state and personal debt-servitude.  Slavery is a more dramatic, but appropriate, word.

Yet, borrowing by governments is immoral, irrational, and even insane!

Why should “sovereign” governments borrow from private investment banks what they have the natural and constitutional right to create for themselves? Money is but a claim on goods (products) and services (labor). A dollar, for instance, need not be redeemable by gold or silver, but a dollar’s worth of products is sufficient.  So is a dollar’s worth of labor.  A government that issues a dollar (mark, pound, peso, etc.) can demand an equivalent and established amount of labor or goods in exchange for it. Money creation and the establishment and maintenance of its value is a sovereign right of governments, especially democratically elected ones.

The results of unlimited private financial greed and unearned profits are even more appalling in their environmental impact.  It appears likely that private of corporate interests will claim rights to the earth’s water, or even the air we breathe, and find ways to charge us or tax us for these life-sustaining sustenance.  They are already laying the legal and corporate foundations for doing so.  The oil and gas multi-nationals have been looting those resources from people in other nations for decades.  The mining and lumber has been exploited for much longer, hundreds and even thousands of years.  But finally, the ability to completely destroy our earthly habitat has arrived, and we seem determined to find out if unbridled greed and lust for power can achieve that suicidal end.

Witness the sorry result of “drill, baby, drill” in the Gulf of Mexico, where not only species of animals are going to become extinct, but also the employment and livelihoods of millions, even tens of millions of people.

The bankers and their corporate giant partners are not only imploding the world’s economy, but also it very habitat. It is threatening the very existence of hundreds of millions of people, now living and as yet unborn.  Yet this wicked cabal of greed-motivated entities is in denial on every main point covered herein.  They see no oil spill because their assessment of the possibility of one happening was “zero” according to the application submitted to the government for permission to drill the disastrous deep-water well.  Furthermore, they have no legal liability beyond a paltry $75 million because of recent “tort reforms” that capped that liability at that number.  So claims of US citizens ever recovering much of the losses are patently false and misleading.  It will remain for the “people” to continue picking up and cleaning up the environmental cost until the rules of the game are changed.  If BP goes bankrupt they will expect “the people” (our government) to bail them out, because they are “too big to fail”.  No private corporation should ever be allowed to become “too big to fail”. Just stop it.  Break them up.  Change the appropriate corporate laws to disallow such uncontrollable, unaccountable economic power.

Climate change, melting polar ice, oceanic current changes, weather pattern changes, all with take their toll.  Soon, the environmental destruction to our planet’s capacity to sustain life will be self-evident to all.  By that time it will be too late to halt the destruction, and the inevitable loss of life and cultures will be the result.  It will require hundreds, if not thousands of years, for the planet to regain its balance and a new a deeper “dark age” could ensue.  I grieve at the prospects, yet cycles of empire, progress and culture rise and fall over far more years than our current historians know.  Those that cannot find and hold onto the light fall back into darkness.  It is Universal Law, the very laws of Heaven itself, and the Universe Creators.  Justice, as we see it, is slow, but it is certain.

By now you might well be asking, “so what’s the good news?”

The good spiritual news is that no one, no power, either of light or darkness can control your survival decisions.  You have an inner choice to cooperate and participate in (create) either good or evil.  Only you can choose your attitude toward either.  It is your intentions that are ultimately all-important.  The “Creative Spirit” indwells all who welcome it, and give it nourishment. However, it will not long endure a hostile or negative environment, or mind.  The mind is the host of the creative spirit, and it will create, for better or worse, according to your free-will intentions.  There is so much more that can be revealed about Universal Laws, or Spiritual Laws that are beyond the scope of this paper.  Suffice it to say that “those who seek shall find, and those who knock will have the doors opened to them”.

The “materialistic good news” is that good solutions for all our most serious problem exist, and can be implemented within a generation or so if the popular will can be found to do so.

Alternative systems for money and energy already exist, or can be found, created or developed much more quickly and easily that existing “conventional wisdom” wants us to believe.  Small groups and communities can pave the way for larger successes.  My writings have been primarily about the abuse of money, and the elimination of private (or corporate) debt-created money, and the substitution for it of the wealth and assets of the “people” or the commonwealth – in other words, the national government or state or local (community) governments.  Ben Franklin and others have written extensively about such Colonial Script, and its enormous contribution to the wealth and prosperity of pre-Revolutionary America of the 1700’s.  Others such as Ellen Brown and Stephen Zarlenga have formulated alternatives to the current Federal Reserve controlled system.  They should be studied, and if they cannot be implemented on national or state levels they should be tried on the community level.  There are many such experimental “intentional” or “sustainable” communities springing up in many places.  Findhorn and Fairhope are just two examples.

Systems of alternative energy will not be fully implemented until the private interests that now unfairly control out planet’s resources have been replaced with better stewards of those resources. The technologies will not be developed, or released for utilization by these interests, until the current profits are drained to the last drop.  But these “natural” resources belong to God’s creation, Earth, anyhow, so why are they exploited by only a few corporate profit-masters?  The short answer is that they should not be.  The first man to walk on the earth had no right to claim it all to himself.  Nor did he that took the first breath have title to the air, or him that first drank water to claim it as his.  When and how did such titular rights take root, and become “property rights”?  Think on this.

Where do we draw the line on what can belong to an entity (person, community, state, nation or corporation) by claim of “first use” and what cannot, and must remain for all the rest of humanity to use for sustenance and maintenance?  These are questions that we as cultures have yet to adequately resolve.  As yet, we have not even begun to debate them.  Why?  I believe the answers lie within these pages and the books or articles referred to on my websites.

So, the “good news” is partially that there are good answers and better alternative ways of doing things.  The prime question is whether we can find the will to align “our will” to “God’s will” and live more harmoniously in tune with the forces of the universe of universes?  And if so, can we overcome the immense forces of darkness that oppose that will, and seek its own preeminence and repair the damage done to our planet in the conflict?   I believe that the answer to all these questions is a definitive “yes”.  We have “friends in high places” who are willing to help groups who decide to help themselves.  I do not believe that God or His agencies will do for us what we refuse to undertake to do for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, even to the seventh and 70th generations.  Our actions today will determine the course of this planet for the next 1000 years!

But be cautioned.  Dark and evil methods cannot be used to combat darkness.   Only light and its methods can win against darkness.  Open revolt and revolution is what “they” are prepared and waiting for.  Razor-wired and electrified fenced compounds await those that foment armed revolution.  There are enough of them in the US of A to hold millions, and more can be built as quickly as needed.  In addition, it is in the chaos of open rebellion and armed resistance that they are planning to use the public’s fear of chaos and disorder to install the final pieces into their totalitarian fascist militaristic empire.  The fear of “terrorism” has already been instilled, and the laws to deal with those labeled “terrorists” or “insurrectionists” are already in place.  Martial law will be declared where they deem it needed or useful, perhaps even over entire nations.

Remember that government is now under the nearly complete control of the “Money-Powers” and their most powerful corporate multi-nationals.  Until that changes, and changes via means and methods in harmony with Universal Laws, the only weapons we have are our positive and creative imaginations.  We must imagine new ways of acting and reacting.  We must imagine alternative economic and social groupings.  We must restore our sense of community and community relationships.  This includes family relationships.  We must redefine what is essential for our continued growth and evolution in body, mind and spirit and how to continue to get these essentials on a sustainable basis.  Obtaining spiritual food is perhaps the most overlooked, but important aspect of the above.  The Master once said, paraphrased, “seek first the kingdom of heaven (spiritual realities) and all else will be included”.  The best part is that these “realities” of the spirit need not be sought in the material world.  They can be found “within”, but they must be sought with unselfish motives.  After all it is selfishness that got into this mess in the first place.

It is most important to bear in mind that “government” is not the enemy.  It is the scapegoat used by the enemy to blind you to the real enemy. The real enemy is the financial-military-industrial powers behind the government.  Until that is generally seen and understood there will be no remedy, and energies directed at correction will only serve to strengthen and entrench the real enemy: private unregulated financial power masquerading as “freedom” and “liberty”.  Government is the free and proper associations of groups and communities, and without it there is no civilization, no culture.  Civilization is dependent on government, whether self-government or other forms.  Self-government is the ideal, but is unsustainable without mature responsibility.   The forces of chaos want to attack the current government so that it fails completely rather than fix it, which should be the ideal.  Evolution is always preferable to revolution if good outcomes are desired.

Perhaps best of all “good news” is that no dark or rebellious power, spiritual or otherwise, can deprive any living mortal from choosing (willing) a path of eternal survival. That is the path of positive and balanced creative intention.  It is the path of wisdom and worship.  It is the path of loyalty to supreme values.  All who sincerely seek to find the Creator will eventually do that and so very much more.  The post-mortal career of those who choose to find and follow God’s will is far greater than human imagination can conjure or dare hope for.  As many may join in this grand adventure as choose to do so.  There are no numerical or size limitations whatsoever.

Significant inhumane incidents are already underway, many of which go unreported or unnoticed. The Gulf spill can hardly go unnoticed as it is right under our noses, but other disasters and massive human tragedies are successfully hidden from our US eyes.  Trafficking in pernicious drugs and even human slaves for sex or labor is a lucrative and thriving enterprise all over this planet.  Authorities are often involved, or accept bribes and favors to “look the other way”.   If labor to harvest mines and forests cannot be enslaved directly, then economic conditions are created that accomplish the same purposes, and subsistence wages are paid, and sometimes not even that. The widespread human tragedies in the Middle East go largely unnoticed by US citizens because of poor and biased coverage by our news sources, most of which pay homage to corporate bosses and the so-called “profit-motive”.  Coal, gold and diamond miners are sacrificed in huge numbers to extract these resources.  Even in Appalachia a miner must make a choice to go into an unsafe mine or feed his family.  No one should have to endure that choice.  Even criminals of today are treated better than that.  To do otherwise is deemed “inhumane” treatment.

It is time to act, or at least figure out which side you are on, and why.  “Freedom” does not mean the right for the rich and strong to enslave others, or deprive them of the basics required to remain alive.  Yet that is happening to entire populations and races of peoples.

This is not my usual blog on money and economics.  But time is running out.  Things have gotten so much worse in the past months, faster than even I had imagined.  It’s time to declare that my writings have had a much wider spiritual purpose than I deemed wise to emphasize before.  The planet is in need of spiritual re-birth, and recognition of our common spiritual indwelling and the unseen source of that indwelling.   We are all of one spiritual source (parentage) and are therefore spiritual brothers and sisters.

I urge the reader/seeker to search these pages for answers or referrals to works that contain answers, or to ask questions.  I will do my best to answer them, here or on Ellen Brown’s blogsite.

Jere L Hough

3 Responses

  1. Hello,

    Jere Hough:

    Two points:

    1) What do you think about this youtube video clip about the “corrupt banking system”? Do you think it is mostly accurate or just sensational?

    2) About your “Battle Lines..” message. Note that we are ultimately just god’s instruments and so are the “money powers”. They are NOT as powerful as they seem. Even this (the bankers outsized influence and control for the past 300 years and the current widespread faithlessness) will be observed (by future historians) as preparing humanity for better times to come (inshallah).

    Mansoor Khan

    • Thanks for your comment, Mansoor. I am time limited, so I will reply by the numbers, briefly.

      1. “Money as Debt” by Paul Grignon, is one of the most accurate and informative videos about money ever made, and also one of the easiest for the layman to understand. I have been recommending it widely for many years, as a primer on the deceptions of current day banking practices. William Still’s “The Money Masters” is also excellent, but longer and more detailed, while lacking the simplicity of the shorter animated film. MaD is about 47 minutes, and Money-Masters is roughly 3 hours. For more in-depth understanding I recommend “Web of Debt” by Ellen H. Brown. My website contains many other valuable references.

      2, In general, I agree with the tenor of your comment here, with one exception. We have a choice to become instruments of the God of Truth, Beauty and Goodness or to become instruments of the “God” of Darkness, Chaos and Disorder. That is, we are endowed with the “free-will” to choose to serve one or the other, the God of Light or of Darkness. That, at least is my conviction. YOMMV.

      The “soil” of humanity is, however, being now prepared for humans to choose better ways that will lead to those “better times” to come. All things, including evil, work together for the glory of God, even if it takes an eternity to see just how this is so.

      Thank you for participating,

  2. Note from Mansoor Khan:

    My email address is: (correction)

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