America: A Nation in Crisis

The USA is a nation in dire crisis, and I conservatively estimate that not one person in 1,000 (perhaps 100,000) is aware of the cause of our disease.  That means far less are aware of the proper cures.  Not knowing the cause, all the frantic efforts to “fix” the “system” only add layer upon layer of confusion to an already complex problem.  If this were a medical case, all the so-called “cures” would be killing the patient even faster than the underlying disease, which in itself is quite deadly enough.

In a word, our underlying problem is a fatal flaw in our controlling master legal document: the U.S. Constitution.  This flaw allows a “back door” for those who wish to exercise power over others to gain unchecked monopoly power though an “end run” around the constitutional safeguards commonly thought of as “checks and balances” in our system.

More specifically the “fatal flaw” is in the specifics of the mechanisms of money creation, control and regulation.  The loosely worded language allowed private, monopolistic banking powers to gain control over the US Treasury via it’s semi-governmental arm, The Federal Reserve System, established in 1913, and whose governing board is called “The Fed”.

It it far beyond the scope of this article to detail all the ways and means by which this was accomplished, but I can refer the reader to an exhaustive list of resources that leave no doubt of the truth of what is written so far above.  The references are all over this website, but will be listed again at the end of this article.

The process of replacing the authority of monarchs (kings, queens, emperors, dictators and other forms of tyrants) with more diverse and representative governments began far back in human pre-history, but for the purposes of our current Western Civilization of English-speaking citizens, historians tell us it goes back to the Magna-Carta.  In reality, rulers always had to fear rebellions if their tyranny went too far.  Power generally had to be shared with priests, temples, and religious leaders, and the heads of religious orders were often the temporal leaders themselves, or priest-kings and queens.

These so-called sovereign leaders were also the controllers of money and finance within their realms, or reaches of their military and political power.  They claimed all lands and resources within their realms for themselves, and issued title to these as was expedient for the kingdom or empire.  Money, generally gold or silver, but also copper, bronze, or other alloys were used.  The value of money was stamped on it, and it was universally accepted as payment of taxes and debts where such “fiat” decrees could be enforced within that economy.  Of course direct barter was always a fall-back option, especially on the margins of empire.

What really happened during the middle ages was the rise of a class of traders and merchants, some chartered and sanctioned by rulers and some not.  So the real challenge to the power of monarchs was not democratic or republican ideas and ideals, but was the power of money!  Commerce and trade gave rise to a new merchant class, or middle class in the towns and cities.  At the center of this commercial activity was banking: the storage of money and valuables within the strongest house or building in the community, usually the mayor or chief official, but it varied.  Gold and other precious metals or stones were stored, and receipts were issued to the depositor.  Gradually, these receipts or notes began to circulate as a form of “money”.

Two videos, Money as Debt and The Money Masters are the quickest ways I know of to understand the essentials of monetary history and mechanics.  I strongly urge that interested readers view them.  They will shock those who are not already aware of the information presented in these films.  As one who has spend decades studying these issues, I can assure you all the primary information is incontestable.  These films speak the truth, as troubling as it may be to hear and see it.

So the root cause of the “crisis” facing the USA today is money, who creates and controls it, and how it is used by private monopolistic interests to undermine our constitution and representative form of government.

In short, monopoly political and military power by monarchs and tyrants has been replaced by monopolistic economic, financial and monetary power.  It is personal and corporate power gone wild, totally unchecked by any institution or government force that the people of the USA and our world might think could or would stop it.

That is the crisis.  Why didn’t you know about this sooner?  Why weren’t you warned?  Why hasn’t this been in all the news and information media?  To answer those questions all one need do is ask, “Who owns all those news or media sources?”.  Is is not the same money powers that have taken control over our governments, or economies, our educational systems, our entertainment venues, our publishing firms?

When monopolistic enterprises own all the channels of distribution, not only of goods and services, but of information and education, isn’t it obvious what will reach the eyes and ears of “the consumer”?  What else will be allowed, other than what the “Money Powers” decide is “fit for public consumption”?  And that will always include some “approved” opposing views of little or no consequence to our masters.

Aha, you cry.  If all that were true you couldn’t be allowed to write this article!  That you can do so is proof that freedom of speech still exists.  And to the extent that it won’t matter what a few voices crying in the wilderness are warning us about, such examples will probably continue to be allowed.  As long as such voices don’t cause the “Money-Masters” any real trouble, and remain a minor irritant, they serve a useful purpose as cover.  It is the “Matrix of reality” they allow in order to control our behaviors as they wish.

Regardless of surface makeup, and the attempt to put lipstick on the pig, the ugly fact remains:  There has been a silent coup, a takeover.  The representative republic, or democracy, or whatever your preferred euphemism for reality is, it no longer exists except in form alone.  It no longer exists in substance.

Elections?  Ha.  You are presented with two choices by the “masters”, two versions of puppets that will more or less do their bidding in all important aspects.

Meanwhile the dismantling of America’s representative government is proceeding.  The money power will soon be consolidated on continental and intercontinental levels.  The consolidation of governments will follow.  A kind of debt-serfdom will settle on most of the world’s populations, at least those lucky enough to avoid being labeled “enemies” of the state, or terrorist states.  There will be more or less perpetual wars against such states or territories, a la George Orwell and 1984.  War is the most profitable of all “businesses” and the “Money-Masters learned this lesson well centuries ago.

The “Money-Masters” are the same breed of human leeches and exploiters Jesus expelled from the Temple in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago.  The evolution of their nefarious work is nealry complete.  Their economic and political hold over nations is secure.   They have broken the back of the American middle class, their only real threat and primary opposition.  They have their cronies installed in every important position in every major government on earth.  They are free to use economic intervention and/or collapse whenever it suits them in order to force compliance with their wills or whims.  Laws are written by them for their advantage, and unfavorable ones are disregarded and struck down by the puppets they have appointed as judges.

They are in control.

But are they?  Are they really?  Is there not an element of the human spirit or soul that is beyond the reach of these entrenched “Money Powers” who would be our masters?  I believe there is, and always will be.  It is a spark that cannot be eliminated, even if it can be suppressed for a time.  There is a human urge to be better, to grow, to rise above the past, and that spark, or spirit will always find ways of expression.  Not only will it express, it will eventually triumph.  This is my conviction.

Even if the cause of self-government is suppressed or intimidated for a season, it will someday bloom again in a better and wiser fashion.  It will have learned from past mistakes.  It will close the back doors to unfettered economic, educational, and informational power.  It will allow for individual initiative and incentive without allowing obscene accumulations of wealth power.   It will learn to allocate God-given resources as good stewards of the land and find ways to share them more equitably among the citizens.  It will find ways to attract and elevate the best public servants into government service and admire those who serve the nation and world.  It will disdain wealth without work, and see that every persons who seeks employment can find it.

These are not unobtainable utopian ideals, as some would have you believe.  These social objectives could be achieved within a generation or two of right minded effort.   Indeed they could have already been achieved had not those who lust for wealth and power been in control these last few decades or so.

What will trigger the changes to come?  I do not know.  I only know with a certainty that these changes are coming.  The status quo is unsustainable.  It cannot continue.  The inevitable dire consequences of greed and corruption are about to unfold.  As always, many innocents will suffer along with the guilty.   The interactions of human families, communities, states and nations makes this inevitable.   The many have always had to pay for the inadvisable actions of the irresponsible few.  No man is an island.

The citizens of Dresden or Berlin were not all equally guilty.  Some were totally innocent.  Yet the just and unjust died in the terrible destruction of modern warfare.  Likewise the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Entire populations are often destroyed by the thoughtless or evil actions of a few leaders.  That is the way it is, and the way it has always been.

There may still be some time for those who love God and their fellow man to avoid the worst of the coming consequences.  We can get involved in ethical dn moral changes.  We can protest current wrongs, advocate righting them, write letters, attend rallies, oppose killing and war except in clear cases of self-defense.  We can move to safer, more self-sufficient communities, become more environmentally conscious, become better neighbors.

I do not wish to appear pessimistic about the ultimate future of mankind on this planet.  Indeed I am just the opposite.  However I am a historian and a realist, and know that we have allowed ourselves to be placed in a precarious historical position where the window of opportunity for relatively painless corrective actions are rapidly closing.  Options are growing more limited every passing day, month and year.  The chains of economic bondage are silently slipping around us.  Our children and grandchildren are the stakes in this dreadful game.  How will you account to them?  What will you say you did for them?  For all of us?

Some good books to read to help understand these things:

  • The Great Turning, by David C Korten
  • Tragedy and Hope, by Professor Carroll Quiqley
  • Web of Debt, by Ellen H Brown
  • The Lost Science of Money, by Stephen Zarlenga (AMI)
  • Progress and Poverty, by Henry George
  • When Corporations Rule the World, by David C Korten
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, by John Perkins
  • The End of America, by Naomi Wolf
  • The Urantia Book
  • How the World Really Works, by Alan B Jones
  • A Century of War, by F. William Engdahl
  • The Naked Capitalist, by W Cleon Skousen
  • The Creature from Jekyll Island, (Federal Reserve) by G Edward Griffin
  • Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein
  • The Role of Money, by Frederick Soddy

2 Responses

  1. If we can “coin” a phrase, we sure as h— can coin money.

  2. “…..The citizens of Dresden or Berlin were not all equally guilty. Some were totally innocent. Yet the just and unjust died in the terrible destruction of modern warfare. Likewise the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Entire populations are often destroyed by the thoughtless or evil actions of a few leaders. That is the way it is, and the way it ….”

    Question: Why is always “Hiroshima or Dresden”?
    Those weren’t Chocolate Skittles the Germans were dropping over East London and the US Navy would have appreciated a bit of fair notice that first week of December, 1941.

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