Act for a Change: Vote for Change YOU Want

A call for action:

Not many opportunities for real change come along.  President Obama has asked for input from the public citizenry on ways to improve our US government.   I spent some hours there yesterday and today, voting and commenting on dozens of proposals, many of them of critical importance, IMO.

I’ve spent years working on what I believe is the root cause of all of the world’s greatest evils: MONEY.  The money creation process, now in private hands, must be transferred to the public domain.  Even if you are not familiar with this issue, or think is is above your pay grade, I urge you to visit the site and read the short proposal and the comments.  Then I hope you will vote your approval of the idea.

You should know that this money proposal only returns to congress the authority given them by our US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8.  Congress gave this authority away in 1913 to the Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE banking system, by trickery and deceit.  This act has cost the American people trillions of dollars in needless interest on our national debt since then.  Now it is on the verge of bankrupting our nation, to the great profit of the international bankers who hold most of our debt paper.  This is the prime cause of all other problems in our nation, and in the world.  Everything relates back to it.  Wars, poverty, hunger, pollution…Everything.  Please read it and vote.

There are many other good proposals there also.  If you have time, look through the pages by category or popularity.  I will hopefully follow this note up with a brief summary of a few other great ways that our government could be changed for the better.

I know you will do the right thing.

Jere L Hough

(Kansas City Metro Area)


2 Responses

  1. 8/25/10
    Not sure where to start, except to say Wow! You’ve certainly done the footwork; and that groundwork can be understood! Thanks!

    But since being yet under compulsion by the worlds money changers, who will make interest free loans; or be willing to accept as collaterol practical devices? Not yet having had time to read all you posted, are you willing to provide any relief that does not require further reliance upon the coin of the realm?

    If though we can provide further media exposure for you would you deem that ample remuneration for a small personal loan? Leave a reply also at

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Not sure if we’ll ever have completely “interest-free loans”, as long as there is any risk of loss to the lender, whoever it may be. Best we can hope for is LOW interest loans on some well-secured loans, like secure buildings on home-site lots and such. In a properly ordered money-system where money are wealth are in sync (closely related) low interest is possible, but a lender of real wealth will always have a right to expect a reasonable return on a real investment. Otherwise why risk one’s money/wealth?

    Not sure what your next question means: “are you willing to provide any relief that does not require further reliance upon the coin of the realm?” I have no clue at all.

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