The History of Money and Power

The history of mankind is really the history of power.  The unspoken part of this fact is that money and wealth (not the same things) are prime components of power.  Physical power is an important component, but knowledge and wisdom are equally important components.  Numerical superiority of a civilization or culture is a part of the physical component, but persons require sustenance, and so land, resources and production of food and goods (types of wealth) is needed to maintain numbers.  There must also be some mechanism of governments that administer, legislate and adjudicate among the people.

So the important components of national power are 1) Land; 2) Resources; 3) People; 4)Wealth (tangible and intangible): goods, services, products, produce, knowledge, ideas, inventions, industry, cultural, moral, ethical and religious strengths;  5) Governmental Organization: Physical structures of governance in local, regional, state, national and international tiers of legislative, judicial and executive (administrative) authority.

One might well ask, “What about the power of money?”  Doesn’t that fit in somewhere?   And that is what this essay will attempt to clarify.

“And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” – Lord Acton

Lord Acton accurately defined the situation that few men today can fathom, yet ignore at their great peril.  The aristocratic, top-down private control of money must eventually clash with the ideals of political and social democracy.

Money is a rather nebulous and ill-defined substance in our world.  It has been kept that way deliberately by those who have traditionally wielded power, in order to perpetuate and extend their power, and deny real power to the people, or commonweal.

Money is a social or commercial convenience tool that temporarily serves as a substitute for wealth, in order to transfer wealth (goods, services, land, resources, labor) between citizens or corporate entities, such as cities and states.   Money is not wealth itself, although commodities that are used as money have commercial value, and are therefore forms of wealth.  We must repeat, money and wealth are not the same things, and those who pretend they are do so for purposes of personal gain and profit.  Bernie Madoff showed us how profitable monetary deception can be, and he was small potatoes if measured by the current poney powers.

Money is also not Capital, although the terms have been used interchangeably by people who should know better, and probably often do.  Economic terms are deliberately obscured, as noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith once noted:

“The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.

Sovereignty, and who has it, is the issue here.  Yet the word has almost been lost from popular dialogue, so vague has its meaning become in the minds of most citizens.  Sovereignty means the right or power of choice, or ultimacy of free-will choice.   Either men are free to choose for themselves, or someone else (a state, patriarch, or tyrant) will choose for them.

The entire human saga has been one to liberate man from some form of political or economic slavery or exploitation by other individuals or groups.  Had it not been for the age old campaign to keep people ignorant on the subject of money, our US Constitution might have been sufficient in its checks and balances on power to insure that the battle for real self-rule or self-governance might have been won.  It was indeed a partial victory, but the great unsettled question was that of money.  Who should issue, regulate and control the volume and value of the money was left largely unsettled.

It is true that Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution reserves the right to issue (coin) money to congress, but it left many crucial issues undefined or unresolved.  Thus the first great divisive power struggle was over money, and the establishment of a private banking monopoly in the form of The First Bank of the United States.

Thus the views of Alexander Hamilton, who led the efforts to establish the bank, and Thomas Jefferson, who opposed it, became the nucleus for the two-party political system in the USA.  The Hamiltonian Federalists favored the private banking monopoly and eventually evolved into today’s Republican Party, while the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans opposed the bankers and a strong central government, and evolved into the Democratic Party of today.

The First and Second Banks of the United States were established as private monopolies, with the primary purpose of funding the US Government via a system of loans or investments by the government in return for money from the banks.  But this was the initial deception.  The sovereign US Government has as much right to create money as it does to indebt its citizens with prommisory notes or loans known today as T-Notes or Treasury Bills.  What makes one good also make the other sound, i.e., the full faith and credit of the nation of the USA.

So here we come to the real truth: The same legal and contractual status that makes a promissory note, or bill of credit, or sight draft (check) good also makes an equal amount of money good.  The only difference is that one generally carries a burden of interest, while the other does not, unless the exchange fee is very nominal.

Banks established the business of “loaning” our government money at interest, when the government could have just created the money just as it did the promissory note (Treasury Bill).  Trillions of unnecessary taxpayer dollar have gone to fatten the coffers of private international central bankers by the repayment of interest on the national debt, when not once penny of that debt was ever necessary or justified.  No law, no legal, ethical or moral obligation justified the payment of that taxpayer money to the private bankers.  (Or perhaps I should call them “banksters”)

Now here is the real shocker, and if you haven’t previously uncovered this well-concealed fact it will amaze you:  All of the so-called “money” that was loaned to our government at interest was actually created out of nothing!  It was litereally conjured into existence with the stroke of the magic pen operated by the Federal Reserve.  When they write a check they are creating money out of nothing at all.

So our government (the people of the USA) are running up an insurmountable debt to the central bankers because of interest being charged to them on “money” created out of thin air!

Do you find this shocking?  Banks create money out of nothing and then lend it out at interest, as if they were lending something real – something that they could otherwise employ elsewhere.  In any other enterprise this would be fraud, yet our banking laws allow it as legal. Do you find this difficult to believe?  Sadly, it is all literally true.  Thr facts and the evidence are there in ample abundance to assure anyone with a will to look at them with an open mind.

The wealth of nations has been systematically transferred to international central bankers and their corporations for generations, and it is still being stolen.  How would YOU like to be able to create out of nothing all of the money everyone wanted to borrow, and then collect not only the principle – which you created out of nothing, but interest as well?  But that is literally what bankers do when they make a secured or unsecured loan in our fractional reserve banking system today.

You thought Bernie Madoff ran the biggest Ponzi scheme of all?  Not even close.  1000 Bernie Madoffs could not pull off what the system of private international central bankers has done to the world in the last few hundred years. This scheme is of no ordinary mortal origin.

So, please do all the verifying you need to assure yourself that the above facts are indeed true.  Then you will have to decide what to do about the situation.  This may be a frightening time of confusion, fear and doubt.

It need not be so.  You have been endowed with free will by your Creator.  You have been given the sovereign power of choice.  Use it.  Your choices may seem overwhelming, but they are really only two.  You will either cooperate with the bankers in their march toward a totalitarian new world economic order, or you will not.

You will either choose to be in harmony with the forces of the universe and democratic self-rule, or with the forces of selfishness, greed, and totalitarian control over others.

You may evade the choice, or procrastinate, but not for long.  This battle was ordained long ago, and has been taking shape for centuries, even millenniums.  Even the creator of our universe incarnated into the middle of this struggle for the future and destiny of mankind, and lived out his mortal life to its cruel termination by the forces aligned against us today.

The struggle of the bankers against the people is the material shape of the saga of darkness against light. It is a struggle in vain, for darkness cannot win against light.

One thing I must stress.  The decision should be to withhold cooperation with the bankers and the governments they control.  Resistance should be indirect or passive.  To resist forcefully or with violence will become increasingly suicidal.  Spiritual victories cannot be won with material force, or the methods of darkness.  You must help to create an alternate reality that is better than theirs.  You should meditate on this if at first you do not understand it.

What to do is a matter of individual choice and decision.  Prepare as best you can.  Think about the necessities of existence, and if circumstances would be unfavorable if goods and services cease where you are now, it might be advisable to consider moving, if possible. If you must remain in a big city it might be advisable to establish a second home, or residence somewhere in a more rural area.  Think about transferring some portion of your money or savings to a local credit union, or well-run community bank.  Think of starting a “Common-Good Bank” (Google it).

There is safety and strength in numbers.  Get to know your neighbors, and be on good terms with them.  You will need the support of your community, and they will need yours.

But maybe you need take none of these survival actions, and simply create your own plan through meditation and prayer.  You may have a better role right where you are now, even if it seems otherwise.  You alone are the “decider” of what role you might best play in this epic historical bridge to a better future for all mankind.

There are hundreds or thousands of internet sites giving advice of what might be needed in an emergency, or to survive difficult times.  These are beyond the scope of this paper, which was mainly to alert receptive persons to the facts of our times and age.  The Banking Powers are making their move for world domination.  That is the message that should not be ignored.  It will all be coming to a head in the next decade or two.

How long it lasts will be determined by those who turn toward the light, and the degree they do so in their thoughts and deeds.

The forces of crony financial monopolistic capitalism are strong.  They have spent decades and centuries transferring wealth from the peoples of the world to their coffers and vaults.  They wield real power.  They control governments, or large factions of governments.  They can buy elections, media, advertising, public relations campaigns and imaging.  They can buy mercenary soldiers, armies, navies, air power, and supply chains.  And they will tax the people more and more heavily in order to buy all these pillars of power.  You will pay for it all, and always have.

The first thing we must do is to keep our message of money reforms and transparency in front of our congresspersons.  Support movements like the Monetary Reform Act, and Monetary Transparency Act

Send emails out to friends, family and associates.  Keep this issue in from of them.  Sign petitions.  Start petitions to abolish the Fed, or have it absorbed into the US Government so that true oversight and accountability of our money supply is returned to congress, where our Constitution places it.

The fact that private bankers have usurped the sovereign money power from our government should make any real patriot’s blood boil.  The fact that bankers parasitically drain the lifeblood (money) out of our economy by charging interest on make-believe money should get citizens out of their homes and schools and into the streets and halls of town councils and government representatives, demanding correction.

Do not make the mistake of assuming any leader or group of leaders can do this on their own.  That is totally impossible without a massive upwelling of support from the people.  No president, administration, or congress can act against such powerful special interests without overwhelming public support, and even then the task will be difficult and dangerous.

Remember that after all is said and done we are all children of the infinite creator of our universe, and that justice and harmony are among those laws.  The issue is never to have “God on our side”.  It is always and ever to be on the side of our Creator, and Universal Laws.

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