The Ultimate Struggle: Big Banking Vs Gov’t of the People

The Ultimate Struggle:  Big Banking & Business, Vs Gov’t of the People.

Ready or not, its coming.

The ultimate human struggle on the material level of this planet will be between the people and the banks.  Put another way, it will be between a bottom-up democracy and some form of top-down despotic control, financial or otherwise.

Throughout mankind’s history some form of force or power has been used for the strong, violent and ruthless to dominate or control the meek, peaceful or virtuous.  Control of land, resources and forced labor have been common methods down through time.  Direct force or military power as a primary means of controlling the populace has now been largely replaced by the rule of law.  However, the laws themselves can be instruments of domination and control when written in ways that serve those who hold and wield power, even subtle forms of power.  Media power is one key to control public opinion.  Educational power is another key means of control.  Religious power is one of the subtlest forms of control over the masses.  Economic power is another.  The power of money in a capitalist society cannot be disputed.  One generally needs it for shelter, food and the other most basic necessities of life.

It is the power of money that has escaped from democratic control.  And it is the power of money that is growing exponentially stronger every day.  It may already be too late to contain or control it, without triggering an apocalypse.  That remains to be seen.  Many conventional scenarios are still possible, and although most of them are ugly, there remain a few innovative civilized and peaceful resolutions.

The scenario I’d most like to see is the peaceful grassroots populous clamor for money and banking legislation.  If we had fair and unbiased mainstream news and information media it might be possible.  However we don’t.  The banks, or the corporations they own or control own nearly all the media.  So they speak with a similar corporate voice and purpose, and it is not usually the voice of the people.  The end result is that what we hear from the MSM is spin and propaganda all slanted toward the corporate bankers profit perspective.

To make matters worse, the power of the financial institutions is such that they can stop the flow of money in most nations almost at the snap of their fingers, and can restart it just as quickly.  They control the flow of credit as well, even credit our US government needs in order to conduct its business or pay its bills.  “How can this be?” you might well ask.  Isn’t our government sovereign?  Can’t sovereign governments just issue their own money sufficient to meet their economic needs?  Well, yes and no is the clear answer – yes they should be, but in fact are not.  So maybe the answer isn’t so clear.  Maybe the situation has been deliberately confused  and hidden from our plain sight.  Unless you already know this strange story, (and very few do) let me just say there are a few videos and books that will explain the whole sordid story to anyone who will take the time to watch or read them. [i]

This current worldwide economic meltdown is just the first visible tip of the coming battle between the people and the banks.  We are going to have to either accept a future of economic servitude for our people, or our people are going to take back our government, and our financial sovereignty.  Financial and monetary sovereignty ultimate resides with the voting citizen in a democracy.

So, can we the people win this struggle for economic and financial independence?  Can we establish a real political democracy that is based on economic democracy?  It’s going to be tough. Here is a brief explanation why.  [Continue reading by using link]


Throughout my 70-year life, I have spent much time watching cable TV news and information shows, and have done so for many years, especially since my health disability forced an early retirement a decade of so ago.  During this time I have seen TV go from a “vast wasteland” of slapstick comedy pratfalls and Howdy Doody nonsense to the massive assault on our minds and characters that it has become today.  TV has become an instrument of corporate propaganda, from its commercials for luxury SUVs and erectile dysfunction cures, to its mind-numbing and barbaric action thrillers jam-packed with non-stop sex, violence, profanity, crime, and exaltation of anti-social and unethical behavior.

Even the channels that are supposed to be educational and informative are often just the opposite.  We get biased opinions and editorializing instead of factual reporting of events, and it is nearly always biased toward the right, or corporate-financial, or Wall Street anti-government perspective.  Public opinion is being shaped by a vast array of right wing mainstream media sources in TV and talk radio that appeals to the lowest common denominator.  Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Blitzer, Majors, Kudlow and company are just a few of the drum majors that are leading the bands toward fascism, or some new shape-shifted derivation of totalitarian controls over the public citizenry.  They nearly all take their daily “talking points” memos from NeoCons Grover Norquist, Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch and a handful of key right-wing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Institute for Economic Development.  I even hear all the arguments that I was using against the outrageous multiplying of the national debt during the Reagan/Bush 1 & 2 years to feed the financial-military-corporate complex.  After wrecking our financial ship on the shoals of greed, these same financial moguls are that control so much of our government are waging war on the incoming Obama administration in order to block his economic recovery programs.  The dialogues are becoming surreal, but I will not go into the multitudes of specific examples here, except to say that the latest fad is to label Democratic ideals and movements as “populism” instead of using the old standbys “communism” or “socialism”.  The idea is that there is some sinister threat in a popular or “populist” movement.  Don’t laugh.  It works with a certain authoritarian personality type.

The representatives of the moderate or liberal point of view are now limited to National Public Radio (NPR), PBSTV, and a growing number of Internet news and information sources, and the corporate influence is rapidly growing in those areas.  I want to emphasize the “moderate word, because that would best describe my overall economic and political perspective.

The main point is that the conservative manta that media is left-leaning or liberal is just propaganda.  It is not true by any objective measure, no matter how often the lie is repeated.  Mainstream media is totally corporately owned, and the large corporate viewpoint is somewhere between conservative and fascist, with but few exceptions.

So the Wall Street Moguls have the media, the sources of information and education, the public loudspeakers, the military, the police, and all of the conventional authority figures.  It should look bleak. But there is hope.

What the people have is numbers, telephones, the Internet, families and communities.  We also have, I believe, a sympathetic ear in the national government with the election of Barack Obama.  What we have to remember is that he is to a large degree a prisoner of the same financial system that controls us all, and can only act within the confines of the law – our US Constitution.  It is my belief that that document, along with all the evidence of the intentions of the founding fathers who wrote it, gives the sovereign power over money to congress.  That is also where I believe it properly belongs.  If not with our elected representatives in congress, then who?  Who do we, the people, have more control over than our congressional representatives?

The reforms in government and economics I would like to see are reasonable and constitutional, and would restore a measure of real democracy that has been lost.  These are balanced by the socially and fiscally conservative positions I hold, with family and community values at the front, along with budget, spending and debt responsibility.  I am a college graduate and a senior retired teacher, a grandfather, husband, and lifelong learner.  I love my country, this world, and my Creator.

This background brings my rant into some perspective, or at least that is my hope.

I fear for the future of my country and its people.  They are being lied to and misled.  Those they look to for guidance and leadership are too often letting them down.  The “system” is letting them down.  In fact, “the system”, in particular the banking system, has been designed to exploit them, and siphon their rightful wealth into the coffers and vaults of the wealthiest and most powerful men and their families alive.  In fact, most of what you think you know about your world is probably either untrue or only partially true.  You have been deceived, and deliberately so, even by those who have warned you about the widespread deception in your sacred texts.  Many of your preachers and teachers have distorted the meanings of these messages.  “Be as wise as serpents and as harmless and doves”, was the message.  It is easier to be harmless than wise.

[i] These are the best books and videos:

Simplest Video = Money as Debt (47 min);  Comprehensive Video = The Money Masters (3.5 hrs – 2 dvds);  Best Book (By Far) = Web of Debt  or   Publisher’s website reviews and commentsAmazon Reviews of Web of Debt;   Another Best Book = The Lost Science of Money: The Mythology of Money – The Story of PowerAmazon reviews of Lost Science of Money; Best history, Very comprehensive = Carrol Quigley – Tragedy and Hope ;

An excellent capsule summary of many very important books that bear on the coming economic collapse:  “How the World Really Works”

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