The Fed is NOT the Government! Wall Street Financiers, NY FED, International Central Bankers are to Blame.

Bailout Boil-over

Anger, confusion, outrage, misinformation, disinformation, cover-ups, responsibility avoidance, finger-pointing, political posturing, buck passing, ignorance and outright lies – that is what I’m hearing in all the hoop-la over AIG bonuses.

It’s all a dog and pony show, and the real culprits go unnoticed and the main issues are not even being discussed.

After listening all week and all day today to the angry comments about the AIG retainment bonuses, I’ve just about abandoned all hope of saving our republic. There is just too much ignorance about the real causes of the financial meltdown. There has been a corporate feeding frenzy at the public taxpayer trough since the S&L collapse of 1989, and the Enron scandal and throughout the last several decades. It has grown into a Frankenstein Monster in the past decade, but it has taken far too long for the public to become outraged over the criminal excesses coming from Washington and Wall Street. What we are now seeing is the drama over whether the tail is wagging the dog, and which one is Wall Street and which one is Washington, and our real government.

The vast majority of the news MSM TV commentators apparently know little more about the way the Federal Reserve runs the country than the average citizen. Even more appalling is the sad fact that our senators and congressmen seem so ignorant of the nebulous relationship between the Fed and the Government. Reporters are using the terms “Fed” and “government” interchangeably, and this continues to obscure or hide the fact that the “Federal Reserve” is not part of the federal government. The name is deliberately deceptive to give that impression, when the reality is that it a private for profit banking corporation. It is independent of the federal government, even though there is supposed to be some congressional oversight.

Everybody is outraged about the hundreds of millions in bonuses AIG contracted to the key traders in its Financial Services division. What people should be outraged over is the larger issue of who made the decisions to bail out AIG in the first place. It was the Fed’s sole decision, unilaterally, with no approval or oversight from congress to give the first 80 Billion to keep the company from defaulting on its credit default swaps, the worst and riskiest kind of derivatives.

Too Big to Fail? Or Too big to Exist?

Most of that money went out to other counterparties like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of American and so on, all the “too big to fail” financial institutions. IMO, too big to fail is too big to exist. We should have anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws to protect the American people from the kind of financial rape that is now occurring. And financial rape is exactly what it is, and I am not just talking about just $160 million in bonuses. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire financial bailout package was a criminal enterprise designed to rape the US taxpayer out of $Trillions. Not that it hadn’t already been going on for 80 years, but the crooks apparently just decided compound interest on the US Dollars they loan to the US was too slow, so they went for the goose what was laying the golden eggs.

It starts with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the handing over of America’s sovereign right to create and manage our nation’s currency to the Federal Reserve System, and all private banks that indulge in the practice of fractional reserve banking. The details are too complex to cover here. See my website for further information.      NEXT:           Here’s what is wrong with our system:  

Here’s what is wrong with our system:

1. Privately rather than publicly created & controlled money systems.

2. Global-International money monopolies. BIS, IMF, WB, Central Banks, Fed, etc.

3. Laissez-faire, unregulated, unchecked, uncontrolled, monopolistic finance capitalism.

4. Private economic usurpation of control of our government. Democracy has been replace by plutarchy and corporate oligarchy.

5. Private economic usurpation of supposedly “free markets” in collusion with the Federal Reserve System and the Treasury, and the “Plunge Protection Team”.

6. Banks, financial institutions and corporations that are “too big to fail”; “Too Big to Fail” is “To Big to Exist”.

7. Mainstream media that are all owned by corporations that are too big to fail.

8. MSM news anchors that are too young, handsome or pretty to be wise enough to see the real issues or ask all the right questions. This is particularly true on economic and political issues. They do well enough reading scripts written for them by the station owners and managers.

How did we get to this place? What happened? Why are the people, the taxpayers, getting skewered for $Trillions to bail out financial institutions that are too big to be allowed to fail? What happened to anti-trust acts? What happened to the laws that are supposed to protect us from monopoly power?

Who has the “POWER”?

Increasingly, ever since the founding of the USA, the money powers have been in direct competition with the people for control over the US governments, federal, state and local. The battle has been about whether government should be from the bottom up, or the top down. This is really the same eternal class struggle and warfare that has been going on since our first recorded histories, and back into the oral traditions beyond writing. It is the struggle over the distribution of the land, resources and wealth of our planet. In other words:

Who owns the earth?

Did God create the earth, or did man? Who gave certain men title to the lands they claim are “theirs”? Do certain men own all the resources that come from the earth? Do men own their own labor or the fruits thereof? What are natural rights? What are social or group rights? How do we determine who gets what and how much? What are social contracts? Where do governments get their authority? The ages-long struggle for power has involved these questions, and they have not yet been settled. It is an ongoing process that is continuing today.

There has always been “class warfare”.

Class warfare has been the one constant throughout all human history, right up there with the struggle for survival itself. There has always been an aristocracy or power group or class – kings, warlords, priests, governors, nobles, lords or landlords – that have wielded power over the masses of people, and a struggle by the masses to free themselves of some form of dictatorial tyranny and replace it with a degree of self-rule, or constitutional republican democracy.

We have been led to believe that struggle was won with the winning of the American Revolution and the establishment of the USA.

The Class Struggle Continues Today

We have gravely misunderstood the real situation. By revolutionary times in America, financial powers (FP) had already replaced the British Monarchy as the supreme sovereign authority. The Bank of England had finally gained the money-monopoly from the British crown in 1694, in return for financing William’s wars against France. The Rothschild Brothers had established the major five (5) central banks in Europe with the Bank of England as the centerpiece. The international bankers control over the western governments was thus launched. This marked the start of the fall of the power of monarchies, and the rise of the power of the financiers, money-changers, money-lenders or money-masters.

This is a fascinating history in and of itself, but you won’t find it in approved history texts. Nonetheless, the records are there. It has not yet been totally obliterated, although not through lack of effort.

The wild card was the New World – North, Central and South America – and how to keep control of both their wealth and people. They did it by gaining and increasing their power and control over land, resources, labor, governments, and most of all, money and economic power through the rise of corporations and corporate law. They finally established corporations as entities with the powers of natural persons, and that, of course, made them super-persons. Super-persons tend to replace natural persons as the basis for democracy, and that is exactly what has happened. But we are getting ahead of our story.

What the people who tried to establish democracy in the new world failed to realize was that winning the Revolutionary War and gaining control over the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and the military was not enough, in and of itself. The greatest power, or sovereignty, is economic. And until there is some measure of economic sovereignty, there can be no lasting political sovereignty. Let me repeat: Democracy cannot long continue without a fair measure of economic democracy.

Political Democracy is Dependent on Economic Democracy

The former cannot be long held without the latter.  Until a person is able to establish a degree of economic self-sufficiency there can be no political freedom. As long as a person must depend on another for food, shelter, basic needs, employment, or “money”, that person is not “sovereign”, or in control of his or her own political will. All that that entails would be the subject of other volumes, but it involves having legal access to land or “space” and “resources” on or in which to employ “labor” in sufficient degree to meet the needs of that person or his family. Unless a person has a “space” to call his or here own, and work his craft or trade, or grow crops, that person is not “free” in the economic sense, and cannot be “free” in the political sense. If that person is dependant on a company or corporation for work, then that person is subject to the political and economic influences of that “culture”, and is not completely independent.

So we are all tied to economics for our well-being and existence, and money is at the heart of economics. It is also at the heart of modern problems, even the imminent world-wide financial collapse that now threatens to throw us into chaos. This brings us back to “class warfare”.

Class Warfare- then and now

The easy availability of land in North America made it seem for a while like the class struggle had been resolved. Free land meant wealth and prosperity, and the early settlers and colonies were largely free of the class struggles Europe was experiencing. If one leader or governor tried to “lord it” over the people, they would just leave and go somewhere else and start over. That freedom of land and movement made government less oppressive and more democratic. But these conditions did not exist universally or long. Crowded cities offered greater opportunities for wealth and prosperity, but also created more poverty and discontent to go along with it. There was an economic stranglehold on the colonies by Great Britain, that is too complex to briefly explain, but it revolved around “Free Trade” issues, and even more importantly, the right to create and control colonial currencies, or money. Although the fact has been suppressed in latter years, the two wars the US fought with Britain were over economics, and economic freedoms. They were the main reasons for the wars, even if history books tend to distort or obscure that fact.

“Taxation without representation” was only one slogan over one aspect of that economic struggle, and the economic struggle was part of a larger one of “class warfare”, the nobles of England (and their bankers) versus the serfs of America. The colonies were not allowed to manufacture their finished goods, but were supposed to export the raw materials to England for them to finish and then import the finished goods at much higher prices from England than they could be made for domestically. While doing all this, the “colonies” were to use British money, and were generally forbidden to coin their own money or issue their own bills of credit or currency. It was this economic and monetary tyranny over which the wars were fought and independence supposedly gained. There is the fly in the ointment. Economic sovereignty was only temporary without money sovereignty, and the private bankers retained the money sovereignty, and kept it apart from government control, at least in part – if not in law, at least in fact.

The US Constitution gives congress control over the “coining of money” and the regulation of the value thereof. Yet private banks create and control nearly all of the nation’s currency and electronic money, and electronic debits and credits make up 97% of all US money in existence.

Many volumes of books could be devoted to this subject, and indeed already have, although mostly from the bankers perspective. Carl Marx was a notable exception. Others were Paine, Franklin, Jefferson, Edward Kellogg, Henry George, and others who had a broader, more general, or “populist” point of view. I have studied these, and more, and have arrived at the conclusions stated herein after extensive reading in history, politics, and political economics. My perspective is a mixture of these and many other philosophies, but primarily one of, I think, essential human fairness. It is a simple matter of trying to get it right.

Here is the way the game is now played: The Wall Street Financial Powers (WSFP) have greatly influenced the writing of American constitution and our laws, especially the laws dealing with money, commerce, land, trade, and markets. They provide financial backing of those candidates that will best represent their views, often against the best interests of the people.

But more, they provide the power of the presses, and the informational, educational and news media of the day. These are used in several ways to advance their financial powers:

  • They promote a general economic philosophy and economic climate that favors them; they establish economic schools that teach their economic theories;
  • They promote their hand-picked candidates for political office; they “tap” or select identified “persons of great promise” or charisma to sponsor in various ways that serve them;
  • They send enough legislators, lobbyists, and “other incentives” to congress to write the laws that allow them the freedom to multiply their money and wealth, generally at public expense;
  • They keep financial and business regulation to a minimum, and when they can’t prevent regulation they use different methods to influence it, or limit is regulatory efficiency (revolving doors between government and businesses they regulate);
  • They use every known tactic of trickery, deceit, influence, rhetoric, and intimidation in order to either promote or prevent legislation, and these more reprehensible devices do not exclude luring officials into compromising situations and then threatening to release evidence if compliance is withheld. Of course this is blackmail, but the intimidation can and often does extend to threats of harm or death of themselves or of others, and if all else fails — well, mysterious plane crashes, assassinations, and other accidents simply happen.
  • Finally, they can and do use their extensive financial power to create boom and bust cycles over supposedly “free markets” and then the general economy. They buy up failed assets for pennies on the dollar during the busts, and multiply their wealth many times over during the recovery efforts and cycles. Wash, rinse and repeat.

So here is the situation we have now. The financial powers (FP) control the misnamed private Federal Reserve System that controls our money and then uses our money to hold us hostage to their policies that further enrich them at public expense. The FRS or “Fed” is not a part of the government, but the Financial Powers (FP) use the powers of the media they own to deceive the people into thinking that the Fed and the USGovt are one and the same. That leads us to the following reality:

The FP stole our US Government. They now largely control it, and the legislation it writes, at least as long as public sentiment does not reach the outrage level. The FP get the laws they want from congress and use them to bilk the people out of trillion in wealth.

When the people catch on, or it gets out of hand, or exposed, the financiers then blame the government, and the “people” who elected them. So “big government” becomes the enemy of the people, or the scapegoat, in reality. The bankers control the government who write the laws the bankers want in order to bilk the people out of their wealth and then use the wealth to buy more government power to pass more laws so that they can make more Ponzi scheme swindles, and so on ad infinitum.

The government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, but instead the bankers have turned it into one of, by and for the bankers and their corporations. Owning and controlling all the money and the media, it is easy to convince the people that “big government is to blame” for all the problems that the bankers and corporations are actually causing.

So for over 200 years we, the American people, have been told that big government is the main threat and greatest evil, when much or most of the time it was the financial and banking powers that was the real culprit. Big government can indeed be a threat to the people, and to democracy. It can only be so only if the government is not truly representing “the people”, and is in fact representing other commercial, corporate or financial interests. When that “out of balance” condition exists, then government is indeed the threat, and should be viewed as such.

So the entire market crash and subsequent economic collapse and taxpayer bailout was all cause and orchestrated by the bankers, but they are blaming it on the government, and various govt agencies like the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and present or past Democratic presidents and their policies, and so on.

Fox and CNBC are the worst offenders spreading the financier’s propaganda. CBS and ABC aren’t far behind. MSNBC is telling some of the truth, but certainly not all. They don’t know it all, and if they did, and told it…. well, let’s just say that Keith Olbermann and Rachael Maddow are about as close to the truth as anyone in the mainstream media is allowed to get.

The drumbeat of adjectives the FP use to silence their critics goes something like this: They are “un-American, communists, traitors, socialists, leftists, radical revolutionaries, anti-Americans, populists, terrorists, atheists, anti-Christians, and the unsavory list goes on. It is far easier for them to use labels that to refute the facts and issues. It is far easier to trash the messenger or impugn one’s patriotism than to refute the message. Most of the people who throw these socialist and communist epithets around don’t even have a clue about their definitions.

Communism and socialism are not viable threats to US democracy. Totalitarianism is the real threat, and that includes economic totalitarianism. In the USA we have the luxury of being relatively isolated from foreign invasion. We have an overwhelming military and technological superiority over the rest of the world. Our only real threat is and has always been from within. A government run amok is a real threat. An attack on the public’s money and banking system is a real threat. Economic domination and inequality of wealth distribution is a real threat.

Big government is not the enemy; bigness is an enemy, including big banking and big business.

Government power is not the enemy; excessive, unregulated power is an enemy, including money power.

Money is not the enemy; improper creation, regulation and control of money is an enemy.

I want to conclude with the most crucial and important words I can muster:

There is a massive propaganda campaign to direct the anger at government, when it should be directed at those banking and financial interests who are responsible for the derivatives and default swaps Ponzi Schemes. Our biggest threat is from ourselves – misdirecting our anger at the wrong targets is a very real threat. Money, banking, trusts, cartels, syndicates, and other forms of monopoly powers are the real and imminent menace to the people everywhere. Governments are being controlled, manipulated and influenced by those powers in many ways that are not beneficial to the people. The money powers are preventing checks and balances to their financial power in every way they can. It is the financial-military-industrial complex that has grown far too powerful and lacks accountability to the public in any real and effective way. We have become a corporatocracy, and in doing so have lost our democracy and our most basic constitutional rights. We must do something to regain our basic rights. We have to find ways to reduce the size and power of supposedly “private enterprises” that are too big to fail” and too big to regulate, oversee, or even understand. Too big to fail is too big to exist.

The people of America (and all nations) desperately need to reclaim its lost ownership of our representative government. The people need to return to working toward the ideal of a truly democratic government that is representative of the will of the people under the supremacy of law. This means changing the ways people relate to governments and governments respond to the will and the interests of the people.  This must start at the grassroots levels, and work its way up.  It can not come from the top down.

It is time for a truly populist uprising to reclaim our sovereign rights as citizens of a constitutional democratic republic.

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