YouTube – Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control

YouTube – Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control.

This short one minute video shows us that at least one congressman understands how to begin fixing our economic crisis.  Borrowing money from private bankers is insane when it can be printed or electronicaly credited at cost by our USGovt.

Updated as of 08-09-2009

4 Responses

  1. The video has been removed for reasons we probably can envisage without much prompting. I had better check for Dennis’ other videos !

    • Thank you Dr. LaMar. I will investigate and update the link if possible. I also intend to address your other comment as time permits.



    • Here is the same video under a different title:

      No telling how long it will be available. Dennis is the one person in congress who seems to have it all together. That means not only comprehending the problem at its roots, but also the best approaches to beneficial solutions for all Americans and the world in general.

      (Ron Paul understands parts of the problem, and is sincere, but fails to grasp the best solutions.)

  2. Sir, it is very discouraging not to find more concerned Americans on your website; I’m not sure what could be done, but would help if I could. Mr. Kucinch uses his one minute as best can expected I suppose, but I wish he had scripted it better and included the main point in all banking as I understand it, namely, the ownership of printed money ! forced Toxic loans (Barney Frank),
    and TARP under two administrations must be addressed as at least criminal if not treasonous ! Fiat money is not a problem if it’s fractionalization is regulated in my opinion at this time. We must convince the “fat and happy” mis/un-informed of this country of the long continuing abominable history of all banking and declare such actions as crimes against the state! BTW do you know of William Hummell and his ideas on the Fed…seems to be a “supporter” of Fed owned money and the national debt it accrues ! He is a NASA type with too much knowledge of banking to be a hobbytist, esp. with such leanings, but I am too long
    in the pen. the best to you and us all.

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