World Problems and Solutions

Welcome to my new blogsite. I have attempted to combine other past blogs from as early as 2003 into this one. Not sure how successful it will be.  To the point:

A global fascist government is almost upon our world.  Only the final stages remain to be assembled.  The nature of this global state is economic totalitarianism.  It is a new, far more widespread and powerful incarnation of Fascism, or a merger of government and economic power.  The world has never faced a threat to democracy and self-government such as this one.

My main interest now is in educating citizens of the dire need for massive governmental and economic reforms on a systemic scale. It is our only hope to counter this threat.  Only education, information and non-violent resistance can bring hope for a reversal of course. It will not be done by physical or military force.

First we must inform and educate ourselves about what is really happening to our world, and then find and apply solutions from all directions. We need “people-power”, public opinion, and public mobilization of concerted peaceful actions, PACs, People’s Lobbies, and pressure groups on all government levels.

We are facing a crisis of unimaginable proportions. We need similar sized solutions. I think I may have some answers, but we need more. If you have studied these problems then we need your input and ideas. If you are just trying to get your mind around it all, then stay tuned. I intend, God willing, to fill this site up with the research of many years. The ideas and ideals here will be the best I could find over my 70 years of life and learning.

I represent no special, financial or corporate interests, and always remain impartial and dispassionate, even in disagreement. Being a retired middle class schoolteacher and self-employed small businessman makes me a fairly ordinary citizen. My interest is for my family and fellow man and his greater good, health, and happiness. May we all seek and find hope and solutions for a better world, if not for today, then for tomorrow, and our children and grandchildren.

The best websites I have found for information and education on our current economic meltdown are listed below in my reading list. The best book is Web of Debt by Ellen H Brown.
Many more links will be added in the near future.

Thanks for tuning in. Hope you come back soon.

5 Responses

  1. hi jereplease go to start at the bottom.byron dale is a friend of minemy email is **** regards,jim johnston

  2. In my opinion Eustace Mullins Secrets of The Federal Reserve is superior to Griffin’s Jekyll Island. And unless he has changed recently, Griffin is a ‘gold bug’, which is not to take away from his book which is truly great.
    Jim Johnston

  3. Mullins book Secrets of The Federal Reserve may be read here
    Jim Johnston

  4. Jim Johnston, I appreciate your comments, and agree. I’ve read and reread Mullins and Secrets, but I do appreciate the links, both of them.I have tried emailing the address you left here, and variations of it, and it get returned. Your emails are reaching me but I am only getting “anonymous at no-reply” from you. Please send your email to me via email.I have also been to your excellent website. You are definitely someone I want to network with. Regards,Jere

  5. I find it unebelievable that Mike Montagne (Mathematcially Perfected Economy, MPE) is not listed on your blogsite!?

    There is no other solution. Please research MPE and draw your own conclusions.


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